Tuesday 23rd March 2021

ChiralMat 2021

on Zoom!

A one-day summit of talks, poster presentations, and discussion

Chiral materials synthesis
Chiral materials characterisation
Chiral materials applications

Welcome to ChiralMat2021, a one-day virtual celebration of chiral materials and their applications. We are thrilled to showcase the exciting research from around the UK on the preparation, study and application of chiral materials. We are privileged to be joined by speakers, researchers and editors with interests in a diverse range of materials (chiral small molecules and polymers, liquid crystals, metamaterials, supramolecular arrays, frameworks, nanoparticles) for uses in a range of applications (electronics, optical devices, sensors, etc.).

The meeting aims to develop interactions between scientists with backgrounds from chemistry, physics, biology and engineering, with interests in all aspects of chiral materials research from synthetic, theoretical, spectroscopy, optics, to real-world devices.

If you are an early career researcher working on any aspect of chiral materials, please register to present a poster. There will be flash poster presentations and virtual networking where you will be able to share your insights and ideas with the chiral materials community.

We hope that you enjoy the day!

Michal Juríček

Professor of Chemistry

University of Zürich

Matthew Fuchter

Professor of Chemistry

Imperial College London

Francesco Zinna

Junior Lecturer in Chemistry

University of Pisa

Kim Jelfs

Reader in Computational Materials Chemistry

Imperial College London

Stephen Goldup

Professor of Chemistry

University of Southampton

Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro

Research Fellow

University of York

Lewis Mackenzie

Research Fellow

Durham University

Lorenzo Di Bari

Professor of Chemistry

University of Pisa

Malcolm Kadodwala

Gardiner Chair of Chemistry

University of Glasgow

Bart Kahr

Professor of Chemistry

New York University

Ventsislav Valev

Professor of Physics

University of Bath

AP De Silva

Professor of Chemistry

Queen's University Belfast

The Organisers

Paul McGonigal

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

University of Durham

Robert Pal

Associate Professor of Chemistry

University of Durham

Jess Wade

Imperial College Research Fellow

Imperial College London


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Let us know if you'll be attending!